Stephanie, Sharon, Fr Stephen, Meg, Judy and Lindsay
Bonding with Ray
Soft focus
The two families
The three couples
Ray, Lynn, Meg and Alex
The high table
Listening to the Mariachis
By the pool
With Mum & Dad
Fernanda, Enrique, Guillermo and James
Susie, Greg and Julio
Sylviana, Alejandro, Nashla and Sophia
Rodolfo, Scarlett, Ingrid, Lydia and Rodolfo Sr
Mark, Simon and Oren
Angeles and Richard
Flowers in the pool
Tio Enrique and tia Martha
Paul philosophizes with Patrick
Ray and Wayne
Tia Estela and Jessie
Various cousins
Goin' loco, down in Cuernavaca
The evening's festivities in full swing
Paul struts his stuff
Adrian, Fernando and Enrique with Mum & Dad
Enjoying the music