We've considered various different options for accommodation in Cuernavaca and the master plan at the moment is to make sure that as many of our guests as possible stay at hotels close to the reception venue. That way we'll be able to arrange return transport for after the party. We've entered into some complex negotiations with hoteliers in the area, and this page summarizes the results. It's a little complicated but hopefully you'll know what to do once you've read it through!

Three hotels have been recommended to us by our field operatives. We've registered at all of them for discounted rates, but at each hotel the discounts will only apply if at least 10 rooms have been booked for two nights each (Friday and Saturday nights of the wedding weekend). We're pretty sure that a total of about 20 rooms will be enough to accommodate all of our overseas guests, so to boost the chances of qualifying for a discount it would be great if we could get most of you into just one or two places.

The latest news is that the hotel we originally had as our number one recommendation (Hotel Vista Hermosa) has, rather annoyingly, increased its rates by far more than the 10% we expected. As a result, we've decided that the Hosteria Las Quintas, located near the reception venue, is best value all-round. The parents of the bride and various other Canadians have now booked rooms there for 3 or 4 days around the date of the wedding. The hotel is sightly more expensive than the Vista Hermosa, but generally much nicer. The normal rate is US$155 per night for a double room with two adults, and the discount rate is US$141. You'll qualify for a discount either if 10 or more rooms are booked by our guests, or if you book a room for at least 3 nights. The charge for an extra adult is about US$31 per night. In addition, if it turns out that our guests end up booking 10 or more rooms for three nights each, instead of just the two, a further discount will apply (US$132 per night for three nights). There's no risk that these rates will go up. And in case you're wondering, you won't get bored if you do stay for three nights - there's plenty to do in and around Cuernavaca (see ¡Viva México!).

Otherwise, if you have a penchant for the truly exotic and glamorous, you might consider the Camino Real Sumiya. This Japanese-style residence was built by Barbara Hutton Woolworth (heiress to the famous tatmonger empire) in 1959, and staying there is reportedly quite an experience. We've arranged for a very reasonable discounted rate (US$158 per night for a double room), but the risk of booking here is much greater because the full price is US$230 and we think it's unlikely that as many as 10 rooms will be reserved by our guests. So to summarize: don't make a booking here unless you're willing to pay the full amount! You may be relieved to know that the hotel will honour the rates as listed up until the wedding.

Needless to say, you should mention that you're attending the Alex and Megan wedding when reserving at either of the above - it'll ensure that people get any discounts that might apply. There should be staff that speak English at every hotel.

DISCLAIMER: We understand that people may not want to stay at either of the hotels we've listed, and that's no problem - but unfortuntely we won't be able to organize transport for you after the reception if you do arrange your own accommodation. We also can't recommend any particular hotels other than the above because we haven't seen them ourselves. However, the 2002 Lonely Planet guide to Mexico does suggest that Hotel Juarez and Hotel Papagayo, near the city centre, are decent mid-range options.